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2013 08 24 Srimad Bhagavatam 10 24 01 Attachment to Recognition Krishna Chandra Pr

1) Every story of the Lord has many essential instructions for us.
2) We have an un-relenting desire for a sense of being honoured, recognition, prestige, prathista, it comes naturally to us.
3) So much of our pleasure is linked to that desire being fulfilled.
4) So much of our sadness is linked to when we are devoid of it.
5) The Srimad Bhagavatam has so many stories, in very enchanting way gives us this conclusion.
6) Maharaj bharat in his birth as jad-bharata, was already self-realized, but he acts now in this birth exactly opposite to what is told to him.
7) Somehow he becomes a carrier of the king's palanquin, and he does not want to kill even the ants. So he is not walking in unison with other 3 carriers.
8) They are not carrying just any person, they are carrying the King !
9) So Maharaj Rahuguna the king gets upset and he chastises jad-bharata
10) But then jad-bahart does not speak as always, but when he is forced to speak, 
the king understands the gravity of his mistakes, and he is astonished that a person who is just carrying the palanquin is a great avadhoot saint.
11) the King apologises and says it is so difficult to make judgements.
12) We are accustomed to give judgements on people so very fast
13) If someone becomes a minister or is rich he immediately becomes respectable, whether deserving or not.
14) If someone we know or in our family, one son,  is under-graduate from Stanford university and then he has done his graduate from MIT and say PHD from Princeton

university, we are immediately proud to introduce him. Such and Such has done this !
15) If the other child has done just BA in arts in national college, we would not necessarily bring that up so much.
16) So, we can see that so much of our value system is just based on externals !
17) Someone is living a simple life, materially not very rich, we may not offend him perhaps, but we would certainly consider him to be an ordinary person.
18) Nowadays our value system is such that of a person has a fleet of rolls Royce, Bentleys, Mercedes and so on then we are quite impressed.
19) These are the realizations one gets when reading the Srimad Bhagavatam, as we apply it our life.
20) here jad-bharata is understood by maharaja rahuguna, and he makes a prophetic statement, that so often we misjudge and we offend people.
21) Srila Prabhupada warned us that we do not know who the person sitting next to us is ! We do not know even our wives and husbands and children, in the sense 
that we have lived so many lifetimes and we do not even know all their glories in devotional service.
22) So Krishna knows and sees the totality, and being the paramatma He knows.
23) A very imp point or sutra for us "in the heart or hearts we expect respect, then we cannot give respect, to the extent we expect respect, to that extent we 
find it difficult to give respect, it is subtle"
24) Srila Prabhupada uses a very apt example "puffed up", one small prick and we are finished.
25) If we find our happiness from recognition, then Krishna will arrange for us through Maya to correct us.
26) people sleeping on the streets of Mumbai do not need sleeping pills, it is those who have homes, they need sleeping pills.
27) In other words, the state of mind of someone who is achieving a lot, thinks that the anxiety that comes with it, is all right. that is illusion, Maya
28) The Bhagavatam gives a nice analogy, the camel is eating is thorn, and blood comes and he is swallowing it thinking it is very nice.
29) The Problem is more we have more we want. it is subtle lust. Krishna in Gita explains that it is insatiable.
30) Right from our parents, driving us to achieve more and more !
31) The consciousness is that this is the most imp thing, to achieve !
32) Queen Kunti in her prayers, explains that what she considers impediments, are actually the basis for living in the outside world.
33) Wealth, fame, beauty, is most important today !
34) The beauty product business is doing most well !
35) Cosmetic dentistry is most profitable in the last 25 years, how you look, how you smile is most imp !
36) In weddings today, they get Bollywood stars, just to shake some hands !
37) Thus then what is real does not get importance, room for Krishna Consciousness is not given time and does not even figure in our minds !
38) Every year Forbes, gives a ranking of richest people, so now there are more than 1000 billionaires in the world, i.e. people have 1000 million dollars.
38) So 25-30 wealthiest people in world.
39) So it is just an estimate, because not all is out in the open.
40) So one gentleman from middle east was very offended and wrote protest 
letters, because he was rated by Forbes at 22 billion and as per him he was worth 29 billion, so he was dropping in the ranking, so instead of perhaps number 8,

perhaps he was 12 or 13. It was such an imp mater to him.
41) For a common man, if someone estimates the wealth to be 22 billion or 29  billion, he fact that you have that, you should be happy with that, but no, the 
ranking was very imp !, it was astonishing that it went back and forth and he was so very unhappy !
42) One gets as glimpse, we may think that he must be so happy, but actually, inside we do not know how the mind works.
43) Among devotees also we have a lesson, when Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, came in touch with Lord Chaitanya, he warned Lord Chaitanya. he was elderly and he said 
to Lord Chaitanya, that now You have taken sanayasa, now You will get so much respect, people will touch Your feet, If a sanyasi starts feeling that all that is for

himself, then his spiritual life is ruined.
44) Whatever good we have, if we think it is our own, then if someone misinterprets that good we have, our sensitivity becomes more !
45) Even in spiritual life, if we are attaching to anything it is very dangerous for us, there are stories in Srimad Bhagavatam to warn us.
46) Famous one is about Maharaj Priyavrat, who did not want anything to do with material life, he had renounced everything, he had gone to the mountains.
47) Only because he was ordered by three very great personalities, Lord Brahma, Narada Muni and Swayambhuva Manu, did he agree to come and take up the 
responsibility to rule the world, he had a family and he was very successful in administering.
48) But over time he got gradually attached and had some challenges and difficulties, But because he was sincere, he was protected by the Lord, and he had the humility

to pray for help.
49) It is shows how much danger there is for all of us.
50) Also there is the wonderful story of nala kuvera and manigriva, even though high born, and in their intoxication offended Narada muni. Narada muni was not a 
least bit offended , but to save them he cursed them to become trees in Vrindavan.
51) Srila Prabhupada's compassion, is such that he is facing so many small nala kuvera and manigriva's and he is so much compassionate, that he is making them 
52) In the words of Jayadvaita Maharaj, there was a devotee named Rayarama prabhu, He was so scholarly, He was terrifyingly good in any debate on spiritual 
topics, he could smash anyone down, So brilliant. I like the word "terrifyingly good"
53) We would not expect someone from western world, who had just met Srila Prabhupada for a year or two to be so well versed in Shasta.
54) Today also more than 25 top leaders of ISKCON came from his preaching. He was in charge of the preaching at a university in buffalo, upstate new York.
55) But then 1969 he left, Then in 1971 he wrote to Srila Prabhupada that he wants to come back, and when he did that, devotees were so very happy, they were 
ecstatic, because he was perhaps the most powerful preacher, let’s say impactful preacher they had seen, and so many of these young boys and girls had 
joined due to his preaching in his centre there, eventually they became GBC's gurus, sanyasis, and they are still so active in highest positions in ISKCON.
56) But when he wrote in 1971 and he said I would like to come back and resume my services in the temple and he was already the president in some temple.
57) Srila Prabhupada wrote bank, "very happy you are coming back, you should join the temple just as everyone else, and start doing regular service, just like 
everyone else "
58) But Rayarama prabhu never came back, Jayadvaita Maharaj mentions that Srila Prabhupada sensed that he wanted to get back to his position of prestige, and 
that mentality was not so good.
59) Of course whatever Rayarama prabhu did for Srila Prabhupada is to his eternal benefit and will never be forgotten by the Lord.
60) Also Indra who is the centre of this story and it will unravel  over the next few weeks, he makes so many mistakes, like vishvamitra muni, prithu Maharaj
61) When we have a lot, we start seeing the world as per our attachment, I have this, I think it is precious, so everyone must want it and this we have the urge 
to protect it.
62) We see this with us on a regular basis, it may be money, power, prestige, sometimes in so many families, practically in all families we see, the urge to 
control, is so very difficult to let go.
63) Lord Balaram, just before the kurukshetra war was to start, he went to pilgrimage.
64) That was the era was of real sages.
65) The sages were doing a yagya for the welfare of the world and had chosen Romaharshana Suta as their leader.
66) When Lord Balaram came all people got up, except Romaharshana Suta.
67) Lord Balaram could sense in him a sense of pride, achievement at being the leader.
68) So Lord Balaram spoke is very pertinent for us and also I find it perturbing
69) Lord Balaram explained "Although he is a disciple of the divine sage Vyasa deva, and has very thoroughly learnt the scriptures from his guru, he has thoroughly

learnt the law books of religious duties, the epic histories, and the puranas, but still all his studies of scriptures has not produced good qualities in him, therefor

his study of scriptures is like an actor studying his part, for he has not developed humility, and self-control, he presumes himself to be a great scholar, although he

has pride, and he has not controlled his mind, I have incarnated in this world, especially to punish hypocrites, who appear as religious leaders "
70) Saying this Lord Balaram just picked up just one kusa grass and he touched him with this grass on the neck and Romaharshana Suta fell dead.
71) We may think this is over reaction, this is where guidance and understanding comes, we cannot understand this on our own, because we have so many anarthas, 
Conditionings. Lord Balaram ji is teaching us through this leela.
72) HH Hriday Andanda Goswami Maharaj, one of the earliest disciples of Srila Prabhupada, tells us about one time with Srila Prabhupada visited Mexico.
73) In early days devotees, would try to bring famous people to visit Srila Prabhupada, Here in Mexico devotees managed to get miss Mexico to visit Srila Prabhupada.
74) She was well trained for competition and was saying the right things, Srila Prabhupada said why do you want to come again ? Have you read my books ? She said no .. Then why? Not to humiliate her, but He wanted to get beyond superficialities, the same Srila Prabhupada, when there was a fire sacrifice and some western devotee Ladies were not pronouncing the Sanskrit properly, And One of Srila Prabhupada's god brother was there, he leaned back and told him, this is not correct, they are not  able to pronounce correctly, Srila Prabhupada just looked back and said, no no, they are fine, they will learn, So Srila Prabhupada never went by the externals, he saw the sincerity.
75) Spiritual life is not about externals,  that someone speaks in the best language, the best pronunciation, the best tone, that is not important.
76) Any sham will not do, because Krishna sees that.
77) When we get any lessons, when we feel a bit down, or humiliated, caught out or exposed, we should take that as a learning experience, and we should be grateful that it happened earlier in my spiritual quest so that now at least in the future i will not do the same. No one wants such situations to happen.
78) Krishna Consciousness is like a razors edge, one has to be very very careful
79) Srila Prabhupada was heavily citizen, people were saying that his disciples were coming from malechha families, yavana families, how could he give them Brahman initiations? they are of low birth, they do not deserve..
80) Srila Prabhupada's answer was i am simply following Lord Chaitanya, who has personally sent these devotees to be born in the western world, so that they can help spread this movement, Naam Acharya of The Holy Name which is not different from Krishna is actually was an untouchable in his era, Srila Haridas Thakur.
81) It is not that we do not offend only devotees, and we can offend anyone else.
82) We should feel ashamed if we offend anyone, or do some mistake, we should know that somehow we need to not repeat it.
83) You know what your motivation, is even if sometimes what you do is appreciated by people.
84) Sometimes we may have to apologize, but we need to do it, because if we do not , then , gradually this process of quietening the voice of The Paramatama, Who is guiding us, will 
Slowly lead us into thinking what we are doing is the best !
85) That is one way maya takes over, she works very subtly, Krishna's energy works very subtly and makes us feel we are on the right track, and then we can easily justify so many things.

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2013 10 04 Srimad Bhagavatam 10 24 38 Benefits of Feeling Insignificant Sridama Prabhu

1) lake many stones many places many concentric circles = Material world
2) lake many stones one place, one concentric circles = Perfect harmony, spiritual world.
3) Vraja vasi are fully tuned only to Sri Krishna Desires.
4) Material world is we throw stones where we like. Spiritual world is where we throw stones in centre in perfect harmony.
5) In kirtan someone may sing his own same tune, whatever the leading singer is singing
6) In kirtan Dance, all are moing forward, this one person is going back, and vice versa
7) Imagine where we are in Bhavataam class, where service of one person is to speak, and other service is to listen. But imagine a class where the listereners say why should i not speak, if every one is speaking in bhagavatam class
8) This s material world, Krishna is seeing us all talking and not listening at all to what Krishna is explaining.
9) It will work well when everyone works in uniformity.
10) That is spiritaul world.
11) Krishna says worship Govardan and give up your generations of puja to Indra, the Braja vasis agreed and did what He asked and how He asked to worship.
12) What is result of doing this , as expalined in Gita it is
"tushyanti ca ramanti ca",
13) We see the world though our tainted glasses, we see the world blue or red though it is not so.
14) one mans poison is other mans food.
15) So Indra became offended. the Braja Vasi's were in bliss.
16) We have hope agrainst hope that things are not happeneing against our desires.
17) As Leaders we some time want to every aspect of our subordinates.
18) We may hope against hope that our councelle will not go to Vrindavan without asking me. But when he does, they we amy react with anger or be diplomatic "aaj kaal you are not not even looking t me huh, you went to vrindavan without asking me hih, i know i am very fallen, but ....", we want to devotee to respond with our glories
"no no prabhuji, i am still inspired by you, you are so nice ..." , we are afflited with pride.
19) This was the situation of Indra.
20) So many people were already worshipping him, but this one village insignificant did not worship him and he became offended.
21) The true test of a leader or even a genuine devotee is not how loyal he is with his friends. It is not frield in need is friend indeed. We may help a friend in need out of some desire to feel superiority.
22) How thrilled we are when a friend suceeds !
23) That is the test !
24) The worst thing we can do is to get angry when this happens, we are devotees, so the worst thing we can do is to tolerate and at the same time thinking "some day he will be exposed !"
25) Being happy on others sucess is also not enough ! That is also just in the heart.
26) A vaishava celebrates other success !
27) there is some action involved in that , it is not just in the heart !
28) It is a quality of a genuine Vaishnava ! celebrates other success !
29) Yudhistir was not unhppy that Arjuna had so many divine weapons! or that Bhima had so much more strength.
30) A leader is never insecure in his leadership
31) Indra was evry very insecure in his leadership
32) Krishna showed by this example His complete disgust at insecure leadership.
33) Some sings out of tune in Kirtan it is not so good, but some has a very loud voice and he sings out of tune in kirtan then that creates complete confusion and disturbance.
34) simliarly a simple devotee may not cause so much problems, but a leader if he is insecure, he causes so many problems.
35) the whole leela of Indra, from a leadership perspective, is to show how Krishna did not like insecure leadership.
36) Insecureity is due to constant comparision with others.
37) What i have is not important, what others have more than or less than me is very imp !
38) compare this this spiritual world, Sri Hanuman Ji so so fully satisfied in his dasya rasa , and does not feel the need to do anything else.
39) how relative is the material world and how harmonious is the spiriual world.
40) competeing is material quality, but complementing is spitual mood !
41) it is not that udhhava when he went he went to Braja, he saw the greatness of the Braja vasi , he wanted to became a gopi, no no , he wanted to become a grass in Braja, just complemening our service.
42) Many times in a gathering when we do not get to speak we might become depressed !
43) but That was not the mood during the mahaprakash leela at the time of Sriman Mahaprabhu !
44) One by one many people were called, but one was thinking when will my turn come ! they were seeing other getting mercy and simply becoming very very happy seeing that others were getting mercy, complimenting them.
45) That was the mood of the Braja vasi's
46) Rupa GoSwami at Sri Jagannath Puri Dham with Mahaprabhu and his associates, so much junior devotee than Sri Swaroop damodar goswami, Haridas thakur, Sri Ramananda raya and others.
47) Mahaprabhu was glorifying him and all others were so very happy complimenting him, jai rupa goswami, not that you are dabir khas, you even worked for a yavana king.
48) They were all so happy, he is sampradaya achaya, sri chaitanya mano bhistam.
49) reasons to be insecuere
a) Do it all my self to hog all limelight, if some one else is in limelight i do not like it. It is very very subltle. when other people get glorified and you are happy with it, be sure that you are insecure.
b) When you see juniors doing well, and you are not happy, not encouraging that person, be sure you are insecure.
50) we get out of insecurity by remembering always our fallen condition, our insignificance
51) pride is the mother of all these anarthas
52) pride causes insecurity, scarcity. small thinking , small conciousness
53) we know the story of punar mustika bhava, it has deep signifiance. we do what we do because of the mercy of Guru , Sadhus, and senior vaishnavas.
54) We are mice like, but doing things like lions, because of this mercy we have.
55) We have seen this time and again, we have no right to judge them, but we see somone comes like a mice, becomes a lion in KC and pride causes them to become mice again, it is very very painfull but is needed in KC.
56) HH Rasamrita Swami Maharaj is sitting in this class. He is worshippable by me and so many others. He is our dear siksha guru. HG Jana Nivas Prabhu and HG Pankanja Arngri Prabhu's are in manaypur. they are more senior than most of the poeple there. Yet they are there is every Bhagavatam Class.
57) This so called seniority is very very dangerous for us, we should always think of ourselves as struggling sadhana devotees and not anything else.
58) We have a choice, either act like Indra Dev or act like Braja vasis's, Udhhava Ji, The Asscociates of Lord Chaitanya etc ...

2013 11 22 Srimad Bhagavatam 10 27 10 Greatness of Indra Sridama Prabhu

release the victim(from whom you are expecting forgiveness) from the expectation of forgiveness

20131005 Srimad Bhagavatam 102501 Krishna Used Indra to Teach Us Bh. Rasamrita Swami

1) high position is very deangerous in this world, even as a devotee
2) Indra is a temple president of the material world
3) Krishna has nominated Indra
4) Krishna teaches though the medium of great devotees, so that it has impact. Then the lesson is very telling.
5) we learn though examples.
6) Pride in a high position makes us forget.
7) When there are no asuras then devas will become asuras. Krishna has created it like this so that devas have compition.
8) We want to do things for Krishna, but other devotees may not agree, there may be beaurocracy, critisim, etc. It is good for us.
9) Imagine if had a free ride and no critisim.
10) In the face of critisism we mellow down and think that "let me think carefully before i do this".
11) Thus there are asuras to keep devas in check, this is Krishna's arrangement.
12) the difference between devas and asuras is that when in difficulty then the devas turn to Krishna for help.
13) These are My devotees and they have been given the task of managing this world. But then such is the nature of power in this world, what will happen to their conciousness ? let Me have some ausras in place, then every now and then there will be some threat and the devas will become afraid and come back to Me. trahi trahi - please rescue us..
14) This is Krishna's inconcievable arrangement.
15) Thus Srimati Kunti Maharani has cautioned us "For One who has birth, lot of wealth, Knowledge, High education, learning and so on.. Beauty, when one has one or more of these qualities, then it becomes a cause of pride or state of intoxication..."
16) Pride is also same as madness.
17) We see this with dictators, certain leaders, or someone who as the above opulences, they live in a world of their own, out of touch with any form of reality.
18) Then one can not helplessly call out for the mercy of Krishna, because ine thinks one is not helpless, one is very powerfull, very capable, very acoomplished.
19) In sankskrit there is positive superlate , comparative. tara tamya nyaya, good, better, best or sweet, sweeter, sweetest.
20) guyha gyan, guhya tara gyan, guhya tama gyan as in the gita, knowledge of impersonal brhaman, pramatma, and Krishna as a Supreme Person.
21) In madness also it is same three.
22) There is mattah, pra-mattah, un-mattah
23) Statges of pride
Mattah - ordinary intoxication(blabbers, speaks non sense, but maybe one is not so dangerrous to others, some little tatrum within limits of controls)
pra-mattah - more intoxicated with pride(reckless in behaviour, willing to do anything, no question of morality, ethics)
un-mattah - extreme pride, insane madness
24) It can effect anyone, even a great devotee like Indra.
25) phone ! donation !
26) I anounced in vrindavan before lecture that if anyones phone will ring during class, then that devotee will pay 500 rs to goshalla which was short of money. Lot of money was raised in that lecture
27) 125 years was Krishna's eartly pastimes was just a few minutes for Indra.
28) So between krishna in vrindavan and Krishna in dwarka went to give to Indra things belonging to Indra and his mother, along with his wife Satyabhama. This was just a few minutes for Indra.
29) Satyabhama wanted the parijata tree from heaven without permission from Indra, and there was a battle, Krishna of course defeated him.
30) Srila Sukadeva Goswami expresses his displeasure at this. "Just see the darkness of ignorance that evelopes even the demigods, to hel with thier opulence"
31) Very next verse he condems the demigods as the opulence puts the demigods in ignorance.
32) Just see Indra does not recognize his Lord and then again He fights for a tree.
33) We may not condemn Indra still, as Srila Rupa Goswami has warned us.
34) Krishna is just using his own devotee Indra to help us. Indra got to see Krishna in Vrindavan, Indra was greatly benefitted.
35) Pride is very very blinding, when we become blind we do not see reality.
36) blind due to lobha, lust, envy, illusion, powerfull blinding agents. But nothing is more blinding than having a high position or respect.
37) Devotees must be very very careful to not to culivate pride.
38) We should not be attached to taking a position or not taking a position. We do what we are asked to do or intstructed to do. We are dependent on Guru, Vaishnavas, guru parampara to execute the duties of this position. But always depend on krishna to protect us, by following precautions like sadhana, humility, association, etc..
39) Even a pauper is proud of his penny.
40) Krishna uses great devotees to teach us lessons. If it was not such prominent personlities in these pastimes, then we might not take it so seriously.

2013 09 06 Srimad Bhagavatam 10 24 12 Pride Enemy of Devotee Sridama Prabhu

please do hear ....
1) pride will not allow one to take what is actually needed by him because it will cause him to think that he already has what is needed.
2) he needs to hear more , but pride will cause him to think that he does not need to.
3) he needs to associate in a more humble mood.. but pride will cause him to think that he does not need to.
4) Vasudev the leper, when healed by Lord Chaitanaya wanted the worms back and his leprosy back, so that no one will praise him and he will not get proud.
5) Sripad Madhevendra Puri our param Acaharya , ran away from remuna, because he did not want to be praised as Lord Gopinath had stolen the Kheer for him and people had come to know.
6) Pride is our number 1 enemy...
7) We are just only trustees of all that The Lord has given us.
8) Giriraj was doing so much service to Sri Krishna in the mood of being insignificant
9) Indra dev was also doing service but in the mood of being significant
10) Time and again we have seen that an apparent insignificant devotee is glorified by Sri Krishna , in due course of time.
11) Our success is not when people are scared of us in awe and reverence, our success is when people really love us.
12) Always be genuinely very very eager to hear about hearing other acts of devotional service, rather than be eager to share our own glories.
13) I did this , i am doing this is not very good way. In the guise of sending a report we should not self glorify ourselves.
14) When we suffer form self importance, we do not have any time to listen to other people's(especially equals or juniors) greatness.
15) When we suffer form self importance we do not even realize it, others realize it
16) Better to be a small fish in a big well than be a big fish in a small well.
17) always be focusing on the dangers of being alone at the top. Alone at top is an illusion, because of defective vision we do not see others who are far far more advanced than us ...
18) Alone at top is very very risky
19) There should be no service that is below our dignity
20) There should be no service that must be done by us and us alone
21) Any service can be done by anyone and i am not a specialist in any service

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12-09-16 Srimad Bhagavatam 10.12.38 - Krishna Consciousness means being broad minded

12-09-16 Srimad Bhagavatam 10.12.38 - Krishna Consciousness means being broad minded

 few notes

  1. Envy of God is why we are here, as explained by previous Acharyas.
  2. We can think we are not envious but if we are in material world because of envy of God, think about how envious we must be of others.
  3. Removing Envy in our context is becoming less and less selfish
  4. we discuss on all things with devotees, but never discuss how we are doing at ego level
  5. is my ego increasing or decreasing?
  6. am i hurting people ?
  7. becoming a Hitler for good or bad reason is always BAD, no justification can be given for that !
  8. Never think just because even demons like Aghasur and Bakasur got perfection , so i will also get it, then our tendency to become lax will be prominent. We should think they were lucky
  9. I have to deliver myslef
  10. Then we will become serious in Bhakti and Sadhana will become strong
  11. Even a child in school knows that he will get appreciation for Good Behaviour, let us at least have that much intelligence
  12. We are thinking where we are supposed to get remark(correction), we should get special mercy instead
  13. That is very dangerous, that will not go well.
  14. Local train rush in mumbai is more than rush to go back to godhead
  15. What is imp is what kind of legacy you create for those who are connected to you
  16. A devotee has no choice but to behave in proper way !
  17. We can not have worn tilak, dhoti kurta, and then expect the mercy of demons from Sri Krishna, what legacy is that
  18. Anukulyane Krishna anu silanam , not pratikula , our Acharyas have explained
  19. Thus Stories of Queen Kunti, Chitreketu, Pandavas, Parikshit Maharaj , they have struggle, they are vaishnavas
  20. real struggle, realistic stories
  21. Aghasura, BakaSura ... no struggle only , little deceptive to us sadhakas, because we may take it for granted...
  22. Our goal is not to go back to Godhead, Sriman Mahaprabhu does not talk about it , he talks about "Performing Devotional Service Life after Life"
  23. Mukti He does not appreciate, He explains "If you are doing Bhakti for Mukti, then Bhakti is not real Bhakti. Bhakti becomes Bhoga " that is the concept
  24. A vaishnava should think "For me going back to Godhead is far distant dream, will take millions of lifetimes ... "
  25. A vaishnava should think "Seeing and knowing my tendencies, I am meant to be coming back to this world for many lifetimes, better let me at least behave nicely "
  26. Religion can give rise to to desensitized behaviour, cruelty, lack of sensitivity to others. Religion has done this!
  27. That is why people want to avoid religion, keep God away, This is the God you are presenting! We do not want to do anything with you !
  28. Then entire history of India, whether great Kings, Some of the great Kings wanted to do so much Good , but their family was so much small minded, And the the spiritualists also were only interested in their own personal emancipation, I need to go back to Godhead, forget this world, my consideration is I want to just go back , Not a right thing
  29. When you are connected to this world, whether this world is your temple world or outside world, you have to contribute! contribute positively !
  30. Asuri sampatti, wealth earned by wrong means, will make one extremely selfish !
  31. Bhisma explains "when the king is corrupt, how long will people tolerate ? there are limits to people's toleration"
  32. Same Bhisma has explained that King should be worshipped as Nara Deva, as long as he acts like Nara Deva
  33. Bhisma has explained that When king is not like Nara deva people will rebel against him
  34. Everyone is forced to be selfless, a father, a mother. a wife, a husband, parents, children have to be selfless
  35. Some amount of selflessness has to be there
  36. Unfortunately our modern world does not teach this
  37. The child only thinks from his/her point of view
  38. Why old age homes ?, because there are boarding schools, why boarding schools ? because parents may not want to take care of the children
  39. Everyone is thinking from such a perverted view
  40. Put child in boarding school, so I can go to my kitty party, or so I can go to Temple maybe (:-))
  41. Child is not a burden
  42. I was in Singapore recently ...Singapore has a concept that all the children have to do something for the society
  43. Bribing children, take this toffee, take this thing and go away
  44. Not giving time to children
  45. Child when he grows up will do the same thing
  46. Ram explained to Bharat "Arta Kama and Dharma should be in harmony"
  47. If they are not in harmony, you are finished
  48. If Adharma is there and you earn Arta the your kama is very dangerous
  49. When there is kama there is no mukti only bondage, boud to material world again and again
  50. In this very clear philosophy let us not add assumptions, there is no facility for assumption in Bhakti in Vaishnavisim Vedandta philosophy
  51. You have to accept reality as it is , We must not present assumed ideas as philosophy
  52. That creates danger, For example "Even if you are not pure you will go back to Godhead"
  53. Both law of karma is there and mercy is there. One cannot eliminate law of karma because we claim we have mercy... If we misbehave we have to take the responsibility, we will get the reaction for that.
  54. On a concisions level we seek mercy. On a action level we have responsibly - that is Vedanta Philosophy
  55. Srimad Bhagavad Gita is all about balance, you can not remember Sri Krishna without being active
  56. Chapter 6: Dhyana-yoga Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Bhagavad-gita As It Is 6.17
  57. yuktahara-viharasya
  58. yukta-cestasya karmasu
  59. yukta-svapnavabodhasya
  60. yogo bhavati duhkha-ha
  61. TRANSLATION - He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.
  62. Bhakti is all about learning the art of balancing
  63. Going back to Godhead with the attitude of Aghasura, Bakasura, Putana is not a good thing.
  64. We want to go back to Godhead by being Bhaktas , by being Vaishnava devotees, not as Aghasura, Bakasura
  65. Chant 16 rounds everyday, follow the 4 regulative principles, associate with devotees positively, try to be less and less selfish, and at no point of time be cruel to others , even in the name of Sri Krishna, even in the name of philosophy ...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

2012 10 05 SB 10 13 18 Lessons on Bewilderment Sridama Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty

12 10 05 SB 10 13 18 Lessons on Bewilderment Sridama Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty

We are mostly bewildered because of our minute nature compared to Maya.

No mater how big we may be in the material world, even if we are Lord Brahma, we are subjected to bewilderment.

Dulabha mavana Janma... BV thakur explains, illusions in our life like optical illusions bewilder us. As sson as we forget Sri Krishna we will be bewildered.

We work very hard, but in-spite of that we are not happy. It is very big bewilderment.

Because are insignificant, our insignificance causes bewilderment.

Can we ever be insignificant. Who is Lord Brahma ? Can we ever be as great as Lord Brahma ?

Huge festival in UK for Queen of England birthday, Very High birth, she is "The Queen". The whole country celebrated this event.

So then, Who is Lord Brahma ? He is the Origin of Our Sampradaya.. He is atma-bhu born of the navel lotus of Lord Sri Vishnu !!! Can there be any higher birth ?

He lives in Sri Staya Loka, We have multi million dollar mansions here on earth, but can be better place to stay than Staya Loka, Highest possible planet in the material world, all full of truth !

His wife is Saraswati - Knowledge A , No Demons can ever play around with Lord Brahma , Even Hiranyakashipu did not fool around with Him, he prayed to Him instead !

He has disciples like Srila Veda Vyasa and Sri Narada Muni !

We say long life ? Lord Brahma's one day is 4 billion 320 million years ! Multiplied for what ever is 100 years.

He is the most powerful person in the material world !

If a great man is bewildered by someone that person must be greater !

In Srimad Bhagawatam , Sri Krishna does very simple things, plays with his cowherd friends, eats mud, wear forest flower garlands, steals butter, but still we are reminded by these  pastimes that we must not forget that he is God.

It is natural that we take it for granted.

In the recent animated movie, Sri Krishna kills Trinavarta, going high and high and kills Trinavarta, and after that he finds himself dangling on a tree just a few feet high and he syas what do i do, i am feeling scared, and Sri Balaram asks him to come down to jump and money pushes him. That is sweetness of Sri Krishna. But never should we take the sweetness of Sri Krishna, for granted, that we forget His Godliness. If you forget Sri Krishna's Godliness than you become sahajiya who only remembers His Sweetness. And develop diabetes !

That is why Srila Prabhupada wanted us to do deity worship of Sri Sri Radha Krishna in the mood of awe and reverence like worshiping Sri Sri Laxmi Narayana.

That is why Sri Krishna does pastimes like Brahma bewilderment. So that with His Sweetness we also understand His Majesty.

Gopis are fully sold out to Him, So Sri Krishna also becomes sold out to them. So He becomes their son for a year in the same leela.

In the same leela, Lord Brahma, you are bewildered, i will remove your  bewilderment, in the same leela.

In the same activity, not two activities...

And the third result, is that the audience will remember Who I Am for the rest of eternity, and not get bewildered by seeing only My sweetness.

Lord Shiva prays "All saints and demigods, we are born of mode of Goodness, still we are bewildered by your illusory energy, then what to speak of demons, humans etc.. "

Lord Shiva is making a clear point here "If great people are bewildered, then what to speak of us(humans)"

Markendeya rishi, one more story from the Srimad Bhagavatam 12 th canto. He was a great Rishi, He was going to die young. So he began worshipping Lord Shiva. When he was sixteen, he was still worshipping Lord Shiva intensely. Yamadutas came, but they could not take a person who was doing worship. So Sri Yamaraja came personally.

Sri Yamaraja put a noose around his neck. They tried to take him. They tried to remove the noose but it came off and went around the Shiva Linga.

So Lord Shiva got angry, and there was a fight between Lord Shiva and Sri Yamaraja. And Sri Yamaraja was defeated. And Sri Yamaraja was told to leave Makendeya Rishi as Lord Shiva wanted him to be eternal. And thus the boon was granted.

Markendeya Rishi was then doing tapasya Nara Narayan rishi, Lord was pleased. He then asked for a boon. The boon that was asked by Markendeya Rishi was, i want to have experience of the illusory energy. The Lord asked him are u sure. he said yes.

He was in his ashram, The Lord left. Suddenly the sky broke loose. Dark clouds of devastation. Huge downpour. Huge turmoil. There was just water. Nothing but water. Huge sharks, timingala, went on for years. He did not die, could not die, boon of Lord Shiva. Tossing and turning millions of years.

He sees at last, a banyan leaf. Someone very beautiful, blueish baby, sucking his toe. he tried to go near. But it was very difficult. He finally went near. he was very attracted. This baby simply inhaled, and everything went in the baby. Markendeya Rishi aslo went in the baby.

Suddenly he saw, in the babies body, he saw all the planetary systems, hills, oceans, everything including his hermitage and then he was put out.

And that was only one second, he was back in his hermitage. In that one second he had experience the turmoil for millions of years.

Shows the power of the Lords illusory energy.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati went to Lord and said i want to see your form of Sri Mohini Murti. This is there in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Lord Shiva is so very happy and explains to Mother Uma, Look at this person, if He wants , He can also bewilder my senses.

What to talk of insignificant creatures like us ! We are just nobody when compared to Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Markendeya Rishi !

This bewilderment is a constant activity in the material world.

Also, devotees are constantly getting bewildered by the activities of the people in general and people in general are constantly getting bewildered by the activities of the devotees.

My respectable father would be very bewildered.

Normal Hindu understanding
1) Go to temple
2) Pray for 2-3 minutes
3) If you have lots to pray then pray for 10 minutes.
4) Do not leave temple without sitting in the temple. So people will touch base for 1 second and then get up. That is very bewildering !
5) Spend just enough time and then get out.

When my father saw us
1) You people spend 7-8 hours in the temple every Sunday. What do you do ? Could not just imagine ! That was very bewildering  to him .

2) Many times in Diwali we would be in Yatra.
So we would say we "Father we are not there,,we are going for yatra". He would say "very nice where are you going". we would say "Vrindavan" he would say very nice .

Again Next year we would say we "Father we are not there,,we are going for yatra". He would say "very nice where are you going". we would say "Vrindavan", He would say "What why again ?" , Last year you went there ? You go to the same place again and again ?

The normal understanding is you go to a different place each time, sometimes here, sometimes there. Why again and again go to the same place Vrindavan, Go to the same holy temples, Hear the Same pastimes, Hear from the same person. So very bewildering indeed !

3) The most bewildering thing for Him was as devotees "why do you not read newspapers ?", He even ordered the leader of this temple, "you must read newspaper and tell all your followers to read newspapers, otherwise how will you know want is happening in the world ?"

Sometimes devotees are bewildered by outside behaviour.

1) Seeing sports cricket for hours
2) Spending huge amounts of money for cosmetics

What to do when we are bewildered ?

A) Remain silent

Two things can happen
1) Time passes and the bewilderment ceases to be as it was temporary
2) Affects our faith or shraddha as it grows within as you have not spoken.

B) Reveal to wrong person or persons.

The result is more bewilderment and loss of faith in a devotee.
Bewilderment directly attacks faith.

C) Reveal to right person or persons.

You will get enlightenment !

The fruit of our activities is bewilderment. So bewilderment has the seed of either enlightenment or eternal confinement.

Bewilderment of Mother Yashoda leads to enlightenment about the glories of Sri Krishna. When we read about the Bewilderment of Markendeya rishi, Lord Brahma , Lord Shiva, it leads us to enlightenment of our own hearts.

We are all insignificant compared to Mother Yashoda, Markendeya rishi ,  Lord Brahma , Lord Shiva.

So we must know, FOR SURE, that there will be a situation that we will be bewildered.

One of the important thing we must have as a sadhaka is the right people/s where we can go and pour out our hearts.

We must pray to Sri Krishna to give me the understanding to go to the right person when I am bewildered.

Otherwise we are finished.

So many people come to the Krishna Consciousness movement. They end up being bewildered by some activity, somethings here and there, some talks, some activity of some devotee and they give up the path of Krishna Consciousness.

Ananda Gopal Prabhu, when he was a new devotee, just comes to a Vrindavan yatra, Fist day, on the bus and he sees two senior devotee managers having an argument. So devotees can have fights, Lord Shiva and Lord Yamaraja. Complete loss of faith ! Is this what it is ! Now i can see the cruel facts, even devotees have fights ! I have spent money and I have come here, might as well i spend some time ! Lucky for Him.

The very next day, He is still bewildered ! he is hearing a class/lecture ! He sees the two same senior devotee managers again. One of them offers full sashtank dandavats to the other person, both of them repentant.

Ananda Gopal Prabhu, had the intelligence to see "what i saw yesterday, i see every day in the material world, what i see today only happens in this devotee circle"

There are many situations we will be bewildered. And it attacks bhakti lata bija.

We must have a few devotees that we can fully confide in and seek help from.

One more important point.

Our behaviour must not be bewildering to others. Our aachar MUST be exemplary.

Two bewildering things for us
1) Negative things that devotees may do
2) Superlatively great things that devotees do

When we hear the story of the devotee Vasudev - the leper, who was suffering from leprosy, but he was so merciful to the worms, that in case any worm fell off, he would pick it up and again put it back in his body. He was thinking the worm has the same right to live in my body as much as i have !

To this day this is very bewildering story, This causes uproar of bhakti in our hearts, that is very good bewilderment.

When we hear of Srila Prabhupada, traveling with non exchangeable 40 rupees, leaving Sri Vrindavan Dham, Traveling on a cargo ship, suffering three heart attacks on the way ! That is very bewildering, but it surely causes growth of Bhakti in our hearts.

Negative bewilderment, we must avoid.

If we seek, we want to be bewildered by the good activities of devotees, It is the perfection of our life to get bewildered devotees amazing activities !

What bewilders me when every-time i come to this temple that is a gift from Our Dear Srila Prabhupada. I pray for this bewilderment. How can somebody be so good ?

1) A post graduate physician standing on our shoe stall doing menial service
2) An IIT graduate , a scholar of shastra, wearing a simple bandi, does menial service
3) A school dropout is changing hearts of thousands by his devotional scholarship
4) A top class MBA graduate, wearing a torn kurta, every Sunday washes plates very religiously, of people who have just eaten. He could be earning lacs and lacs.
5) A top class businessman of the country, major donor to this temple, does not complain at all, when he is stopped from coming to an important flower festival, goes home and sits very happily. he practically owns this temple
6) A BARC scientist lady engages herself in making simple flower garlands.
7) So many many many more ....

Such bewilderment leads to Bhakti.

When Lord Brahma was bewildered, what happened next.

Great prayers. Sri Bhahma Samhita.

"tat te 'nukampam verse" comes right after ...

Canto 10: The Summum Bonum    Chapter 14: Brahma's Prayers to Lord Krsna Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8

tat te 'nukampam su-samiksamano
bhunjana evatma-krtam vipakam
hrd-vag-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te
jiveta yo mukti-pade sa daya-bhak


My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past misdeeds and offering You respectful obeisances with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for liberation, for it has become his rightful claim.

What a powerful prayer, Srila Prabhupada quotes this verse often.

Let us know bewilderment is bound to be there.

Let us not be the source of negative bewilderment.

If ever we are a source of bewilderment let it be due to something good.

We all went to a place in Vrindavan called Chaumuha | Chaumuha - means four headed.

The next verse Sri Krishna does wonderfull things.

Even the Lord gets bewildered by the activities of devotees. There is constant competition. When Lord Chaitanya saw Srila Haridas Thakur when he was departing this world, The Lord was bewildered. Srila Haridas Thakur was saying "Nothing wrong with my body, but my mind is disturbed, i am not able to finish the prescribed number of rounds, my mind is in a diseased condition". Lord Chaitnaya was amazed. He said "Now you reduce the number of rounds"

Sri Advita Acharya, want Lord Chaitanya to stop giving so much respect to him. He started preaching mayavada. So many people were coming.

Lord Chatanya was bewildered. He said let Me go and see. He saw Sri Advita Acharya preaching . He Got angry and started to beat Sri Advita Acharya. He said you called me for preaching pure devotional service and now instead you are preaching mayavada ? Sita thakurani came and she was crying ! In all of this Sri Advita Acharya was laughing. He said "Where is your respect for me, now You have shown Who is mater".